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🔑 Unlock the secrets of Power Writing 💪 for the real world (including epic tweet storms with 100k followers guaranteed*) in only 15 minutes a day with me, Shaan "The Framework Don" Puri 🔥🔥🔥  

Be a low key word genius in only a couple hours

Hi, I'm shaan.

I take complicated business stuff and make it simple for people to understand. 👉 sold my last company (Bebo) & now re-investing $4M/year into startups. And, I'm kind of a big deal on twitter.

If you're here, you probably already knew that...

But you probably don't know this.

Guess where a LOT of that $4M/year comes from? Same place my 100k twitter subs in a couple months came from.


Simple f****n words (I'm a fan of 4 letters or less, can't you tell?). Cheap words. The kind YOU throw away every day. One man's trash is another man's treasure, amiright?

Unlike fancy cars or fancy crypto, we've all got the same words. Thing is, I know how to make millions with mine.

Are you making millions with your words?

If not, I got you. Grab a spot in my Power Writing course. I'm breaking down everything that's taken me 1,000s of hours to learn so you don't have to. You're welcome.

Who its for

Maybe you know you're boring and you're ready to change. Great - you're in the right place.

But most likely, everyone else already knows something you don't.

Never be boring again 😑

Emails that grab eyeballs
Headlines that intrigue
Newsletters that fascinate
Social posts that shock and awe
Stories that captivate
Speeches that inspire

How it works

Do-learn-do: my gamechanger framework

Remember writing class in school? Me either. But you would if they knew this concept. It's simple – we learn best by doing. So for each assignment, you'll turn in your best effort. Then I'll teach the lesson. Then I'll return your assignment with my advice for how to improve.

You'll be a 300% better writer in 10 days or it's free (if you do the work)

"Oh that's a great idea!"🔥

Sam Parr

Founder, thehustle.co

Power Writing: Course Overview

Allright guys, here's the deal:

Give me just 10 days to make you a 3x better writer. Sound crazy? Yep it is, but that's what fires me up because it's getting me closer to my goal of teaching a million people how to do what they do better.

There's a ton of other places that teach writing. But there's one thing none of them have – ME! And we're in this together.

What you'll get is the 80/20 of the skills that REALLY moved the needle for me: expert break downs, frameworks, daily assignments, resources, tools & more.

Plus you'll get me as your writing coach. I'll be grading your assignments and helping you level up.

Let's go!!!!!


Daily Assignments
Personalized Coaching
Library of Tools & Resources
Lifetime Access & Updates

Power Writing: Course Content

OK class. Here's the rough idea of the syllabus. Will be tweaked and finalized before launching.

(Hey teacher – got a pencil? I need something to write on! 😂🤘)

your prof

Shaan Puri

Twitter Badass

I do deep-dives on nerdy business stuff, write & teach about my favorite frameworks, tools, & tactics that I use to grow my businesses.

Check out my Twitter for catchy business tweets or sign up for my newsletter at my site.


Wall Of Love

Since this course hasn't launched yet, here's what they're saying about other teaching I've done.

"Your emails are the only reason I open my inbox! Your frameworks are pure crack. More more more!!"

Mary H.

Founder & CEO

"Love it. Lot's of golden nuggets here. Super actionable and relevent. Keep em comin!"

Louisa B.

Head of Marketing

"Now this was f***ing amazing content. Good s**t. Love the experiments. This was one of the best emails."

Terry H.

VP, Operations

You're only one story away

Ready to add some POWER to your writing?

Enroll in the 10 day course. You'll turn in one assignment a day that gets my advice to make you a Power Writer. If you do the work and you're not 3x (or more) better in those 10 days, it's free. 

Cohort Starts Soon & Space Is Limited!

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